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Inspiration: Versace

The first Versace boutique was open in 1928, Milan, Italy. The popularity of the fashion label was almost immediate. The fashion label at present has turned into an empire of diversification in terms of business selling items such as home interior, beauty products, aftershave, perfume, Versace couture jeans, men’s apparel, woman’s apparel, couture evening wear, high fashion clothing and they even have the Versace Palazzo hotel on the gold coast of Australia and also there is construction of a hotel in Dubai. Basically since the day Versace launched it has grown ever since and became a conglomerate of businesses.

clip_image004 The Founder: Beneath this hugely successful business is the very guy that started it, Gianni Versace. Born, December 2, 1946, Reggio Calabria, Gianni Versace grew up with his older brother Santo and younger sister Donatella, along with his father and mother who was a dress maker. Gianni Versace started his interest in fashion at a young age when he would help his mother find precious stones that he would help embroider into dresses his mother designed. He studied architecture before moving to Milan to start a career in fashion design, in the mid 1970’s head hunters Genny and Callaghan hired him to design there leather and suede collection. After this he then went on to produce his own collection. Gianni Versace was inspired by Andy Warhol, African tribal, ancient Greek art and mythology, also modern abstract art. One of his major influences would have to be Greek mythology as the logo for Versace is the medusa head. The inspiration and connections to him having this for a logo is very interesting and almost describes what his work is all about. The medusa head is some what symbolizing the empowerment of women, a look at medusa and she would turn you into stone, she stunned people with her intimidating clip_image002look, with snakes in her hair that she came to have from surviving from the loss of a partner through an affair. She then became to hold a domineering look that empowered her. This almost seems irrelevant in a way but it is not due to the fact that Gianni chose to symbolize medusa in his brand so that woman felt empowered when buying his clothes. Gianni Versace the founder, was an amazing designer he empowered woman through clothing that had bright flamboyant textiles, sleek and sexual cuts of fabric, and most of all which he beheld in his designs was being able to make a woman feel confident and sexually appealing but at the same time in a save way. Sadly Gianni Versace died on 14th of July, 1997.

Versace at present: The head designer of Versace is Donatella, Gianni Versace’s sister. She took over as head designer when Gianni Versace passed away. She has given the brand a fresh look, still keeping in tacked Gianni Versace’s legacy of empowering woman. Donatella still works to the curves of a woman’s body and cuts all the garments with the finest stretched cotton and silks. Donatella has taken to the brand with a more architectural look that is very futuristic and modern looking. The clothing that is produced now is a contrast to Gianni Versace’s clothing but it still holds all the key elements within the design that makes it Versace. There are many faces of Versace in celebrity culture, including Elton John, Elizabeth Hurley, Alx Rose, late princess Diana, Tupac Shakur, The Notorious B.I.G, also Lady Gaga and Jenifer Lopez. All these celebrities either name drop the brand as fashion knowledge or they have major deals with the brand.

Versace Timeline: Versace has produced many collections over the last few decades, here is a time line to show the progression of the brand.

Time line of Spring/summer collections:



As you can see over the years Versace has evolved and changed there look but still keeping the Versace legacies. An outfit designed by Versace that I think describes the brand well would be this black love heart dress, I think this describes the brand well as it appeals to the female girly audience as it invokes aspects such as hearts that are made by zips. To produce something designed by zips is something you usually would not do. This is what makes the garment successful because its taking things you would not usually associate with each other and putting them together to form what is a beautiful garment. This zip trend was a trend set by Versace and is still a trend today. You can find dresses with zip detail also bags and clutches, so this is why this dress to me describes Versace. I think that if you can start some kind of trend or movement off, No matter how big it gets, it still promotes success and as long as it appeals to the customer then you really can not go wrong as a designer.

Influence: Gianni Versace and the brand today that is run by Donatella Versace. I think is a great influence, through being a fan of there clothing I have learnt to have respect for women through including feminist trends throughout the fashion that I design. I think Versace has influenced me in so many ways as a designer, which enables me to produce clothing that clip_image032is a bit provocative and in some way demands a sexual empowerment. Versace’s latest summer/spring collection 2010 had a major Greek influence, but instead of making it look traditional Greek clothing they took the look of the clothing and modernised it in an almost futuristic way. Here is a couple examples of my work which includes the Greek theme of geometric swirls; this is a rough textile idea of mine in its first stages. I also feel that Versace the brand has also made me think outside the box when it comes to designing. I think through looking at designers obviously clip_image034including Versace I have learned about the symbolism that can be intertwined with clothing to produce power for woman. Fashion has been the platform for woman empowerment for decades now and it just keeps getting better.

clip_image036 clip_image038

Here is a final design produced by myself that was inspired by Versace.


Post by Conor McCubbin

Lady Gaga- A Weee Update


Here at fanatical about fashion we love lady gaga and are very excited about the release of her next music video, Judas, set to premiere on American idol on the 1st of May and she will also be performing on the same show. And her second album ‘Born This Way’ which will be available worldwide on 23rd of May, the track listing is as follows;

01. Marry the Night

02. Born This Way

03. Americano

04. Bad Kids

05. Bloody Mary

06. Electric Chapel

07. Government Hooker

08. Hair

09. Heavy Metal Lovers

10. Road to Love [A l’origine: Highway Unicorn (Road to Love)]

11. Shiza [A l’origine: Sheiße / Titre alternative: Scheisse, Scheibe]

12. You & I

13. Judas

14. Edge of Glory.


There will also be a HBO TV special called ‘Lady Gaga presents The Monster Ball Tour Live at Madison Square Garden’ which will contain her full concert and a backstage view of her life, this is set to premiere on May 7th (America) but it will be shown in the UK on SKY1 in May, but there is no specific date set yet.

HBO: Gaga

Gaga recently performed Judas on the Ellen DeGeneres show and gave an interview and also appeared on daybreak to give an interview.

Ellen: Gaga
Ellen: Gaga
Daybreak: Gaga

She has recently been sporting facial horns and considered getting permanent implants but decided against it on behalf of her boyfriend. Gaga has confirmed that she is the Godmother of Elton John and David Furnish’s son. There was an episode of ‘Glee’ called ‘Born This Way’ which takes inspiration from Gaga where the characters learn to accept themselves, they also performed born this way. Lady Gaga is one of the headlining acts at this year’s Radio 1’s Big Weekend which will be in Carlisle on Sunday May 15th.


Glee: Gaga

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Written By Daryl Wilson

Fashion, Humanities and Advocacy- Seal Hunting


Here at fanatical about fashion we are opposed to seal hunting as it is unnecessary and shameful cruelty. The Canadian commercial seal hunt is the largest slaughter of marine animals in the world. The number of deaths keeps increasing every year. Scientists estimate that every seal that is reported, 1 death goes unreported.

The Canadian government looks for as many ways as possible to profit from their annual government aided massacre. Canada exports the following seal products: sealskins (fur skins/pelts and leather), seal oil, and seal meat. Pups aged between three weeks and three months are clubbed and then skinned and in 2008 it was revealed that some pelts witch made it to the market were sold for as low as £5 and seal meat even less for just 7p a kilo.

Harp seals give birth in late February and the hunt begins early to mid-April. The process of killing a sealer will use is to first crush the skull either by shooting the seal or clubbing it on the head, if a seal is older than one year it has to be shot first. Then they will check to see if the animal is unconscious or dead before bleeding the seal which involves slitting open the arteries under the flippers and after about one minute they are able to skin the seal, this is the most humane way of killing the animal. But not all sealers use this method, according to Sheryl Fink (a spokeswoman for the International Fund of Animal Welfare), Who says she has witnessed some acts of cruelty by sealers who have hooked seals in the face while they are alive and pulled onto a boat barking and trying to get free or shooting a seal and leaving it to suffer.

Now in 2011 the seal hunt is on going and some of the violations are under investigation but no charges have been laid. This year, the number of killings is set at 400,000 animals. But the actual take is unlikely to be anywhere near that number as it has been less than 100,000 since 2008.

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If that isn’t enough to make u sign the petition then watch this:

Warning Explicit Content

Written By Daryl Wilson

Fashion and Fear


fashion pic

The fashion world is a 700 hundred billion dollar industry however there is something about fashion that can make people feel very nervous. Some people are frightened of fashion, for some it makes them feel insecure or excluded and often these people say things to put fashion down and mock it, but just because someone wears skinny jeans from a high street shop as opposed to skinny jeans by a major designer doesn’t mean that they do not fall into the world of fashion. The fashion world is probably the most competitive industry in the world where one week something is hot and flying off the shelves then the next week it is out and forgotten about. It also isn’t just in the clothes we wear but the life we live. It’s in buildings we see, the furniture we buy and the art we adore. Fashion is a religion to many, they only wear pieces of clothing that are selected for them by magazines whereas others choose different sides to fashion where they use it to express their personality by selecting pieces of clothing which stands out or represents the mood or feeling they have that day.

fashion pic 1

Celebrity’s also playing a major role in influencing the fashion choices we make, take singer Rihanna as an example. She dyed her hair vivid red and within a week half the teenage girl population of the UK had dyed their hair that colour. As long as there’s celebrities they’re will we new and improved fashion trends weekly.

So when you’re making your next fashion choice will you be a trend follower? Or a trend setter?


Written By Sam Cowie

Healthy Eating: The New Super Food


Well I dunno about you but I tend to get excited about the latest thing that is good for you, like super foods, vitamins or an exercise that is found to be better for you. Well the new super food which hype is surrounding is the wonderful substance called wheatgrass. Wheatgrass juice is one of nature’s true super foods; in fact it is a complete food capable of sustaining human life in the absence of other nourishment for long periods. We certainly wouldn’t recommend such a single-track approach to nutrition, but this amazing juice contains almost everything necessary to keep us going.

  • Contains very high concentrations of vitamins, minerals and live enzymes
  • Wheatgrass is easy to grow
  • Suitable for those on a gluten-free diet
  • Excellent provider of proteins required for cell regeneration and renowned for it’s healing properties
  • Just 2 ounces of juice provides the same nourishment as up to 4 pounds of fresh, green vegetables
  • Helps to maintain healthy digestion, purify and build the blood, and is an excellent all round detoxifier
  • Wonderfully energizing and very useful for helping in times of increased stress or illness.

The best way to take wheatgrass: Buy wheat grass in powdered form, add too smoothies, or create a shot with the powder.










The Grassman


The best way to start your day, we recommend you take wheatgrass.

Buy wheatgrass here: Click here to find out more about wheatgrass or purchase

Written By CM

Dare To Be Different!


why must people feel that they have to fit a certain social mould or that they must fit in with the crowd of ‘normal people’ -whatever that is anyway- .Fashion is a freedom of expression, it’s a choice, you can be bold and beautiful, trashy yet tasteful or you could simply make your own style which reflects who you are as a person rather than pull on the same popular brand(of the moment) every other flock member has, you should be able to look in the mirror and see who YOU want to see not what fits the social mould. Why not let your inner designer out and use some creative flair to make or simply alter a piece of clothing and have fun in the process making it your own.


So when you’re walking down the street dressed in what YOU want to wear, not what the social flock is promoting, hold your head up and be proud to be different and hopefully a few people may catch on and let their inner stylists out to break the mould.




Written By Daryl

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